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The Ultimate Pregnancy Preparation Guide

In This Guide, You Will Learn...

  • ​My signature system which helps all pregnant women from all over the world to exercise safely and effectively

  • ​The RIGHT Advice from a Midwife to keep you in the best shape possible for your labor and birth

  • ​Actionable steps to enhance your pregnancy and to minimise your chances of incontinence during pregnancy and post birth

  • ​8 Little known tips and tricks that can help you minimise unhealthy weight gain during your pregnancy

  • PLUS: FREE advice on How to minimise incontinence post birth - A Midwife's formula revealed

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Anita Guerra is a Midwife and Certified Pregnancy and Postnatal exercise trainer who specialises in helping women to "achieve an enhanced pregnancy and birth and easier recovery period".

She passionately helps conceiving, pregnant and post birth women whom struggle with preparation and exercise in their journey to achieve empowerment, education and be fearless by guiding them through a safe exercise program for their mind and body packed full of education as well.

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"This free guide will teach you everything you need to know about pregnancy, unhealthy weight gain and your pelvic floor. Understanding what to do, how to minimise unhealthy weight gain and how to protect your pelvic floor from incontinence is crucial. Let’s be honest, it’s the last thing you want to happen out in public or when you’re with your family and friends – peeing your pants is no laughing matter. I truly want to make sure that I can do whatever I can to help you avoid these issues, both through pregnancy and post-natal, so I’ve put together a step by step plan to help guide you through the process. As a Midwife and mum of two, I know education is power, and i want to ensure that you feel empowered for your beautiful journey of pregnancy and a safe journey into motherhood!

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